A romantic comedy set in New York about a married couple. Greg is a financier whose life has stalled. His wife, Kate, has a new career. Greg embarks on a delicious and dizzy love affair. So what's new? The other woman in this affair just happens to be a dog! A dog who is a shameless flirt, who not only talks back when spoken to, but quotes Homer and sings Cole Porter. Don't believe it? You'd better see it (even if you're a cat lover).

"Dramatic literature is stuffed with memorable love scenes, but none is as immediately delicious and dizzy as the one that begins the redeeming affair in A.R. Gurney's new comedy, SYLVIA...." --N.Y. Times.

"I can only call it one of the most involving, beautiful, funny, touching and profound plays I have ever seen ..." --N.Y. Daily News. Outrageous fun!

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November 1998


Concord Journal
Larry Stark's Theatre Mirror
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Directed by
Produced by
Len Clarke


Sylvia Shana Dirik Shana Dirik


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Greg Rik Pierce
and his Sylvia
Phyllis Walters  
Tom, Phyllis, & Leslie Brad Walters Lisa Stanton  


The Crew
Lighting Design
Costume Design
Assist Director
Sound Design
Sound Design
Set Design
Set Design
Stage Manager

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