A Touch of the Poet by Eugene O'Neill

April 1983

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Irish immigrant versus Yankee aristocrat--this is the deep- rooted conflict in O'Neill's A Touch of the Poet, a conflict he felt strongly in his own life. He did not live to write his planned cycle of eleven plays tracing the history of the Melody and Harford families; however, we are fortunate to have this, the first play, which contains some of his greatest characters and which reveals his extraordinary gifts as a dramatist.


Directed by
Produced by


The Cast
Mickey Maloy
Robert Nagle
Jamie Cregan
Joseph Finneral
Sara Melody
Donna Tyrrell
Nora Melody
Dorothy Santos
Cornelius Melody
Dan Roche
Paddy O'Dowd
Patch Riley
Mrs. Henry Harford
Nicholas Gadsby


The Crew
Stage Manager
John J. Laffan, Jr.
Lighting Design
Set Design
Set Construction
Larry Blundell
Technical Drawings
Set Painting
Jenni Gerstle
Norma Gahl
Sharon Lane

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