The Eastern Mass Association of Community Theatres (EMACT) holds the Annual Community Theatre Drama Festival, held each spring. The popular 4-5 day event, with an average of 20 participating groups, entertains as well as educates. View a wide range of theatre and learn from professionals who adjudicate the productions presented.

The Festival is highlighted by the Sunday evening Finals session, featuring the top 3-4 (depending on # of participants) productions chosen by the Festival adjudicators, as well as the closing awards ceremony, citing groups and individuals in the festival for outstanding performance and theatre excellence. Everyone waits anxiously as the special Finals Guest Adjudicator ultimately announces the Best Production Award.

This festival also ties into a biennial New England Regional Festival (NERF), which features the winning productions of community theatre festivals which are held in several of the New England states. The winner of the Regional Festival represents New England in a National Festival of Community Theatres, also held biennially, sponsored by AACT.

January 2006, Giselle Ganz adds this note:

Not sure if there's a place for this in the Jacques Brel notes on the Nationals:  What many do not know, actually only Marlene at the time... is that during the planning of leaving for the Nationals, the rights for the show had been pulled by MTI... due to a lawsuit that had been brought up by Mr. Brel's widow.  As the producer, I chose not to inform the cast or director of this as we were in rehearsal, preparation etc. and getting close for our departure... I was afraid to get everyone's spirits down, so I kept the news to myself and Marlene... worked many, many hours... and with the help of some magic and a contact that I had made, our rights were enabled.  During this time, every piece of music and libretto had to be returned to MTI except for ours... we were it...
Just thought that it would be nice to know some of the work that goes on behind the scenes that no one ever knows of in order to get the show off the ground...
Cheers, hope all is well...



The Competition History:

May 2000:

Concord Players wins Eastern Mass Assoc of Community Theatre award for best production

Sept, 2000:
Concord Players wins Best Production award for the Northeastern US (NERF)
June, 2001
National Competition in Harrisburg