The Concord Players

I Never Sang for my Father

by Robert Anderson

62nd Season
February, 1982

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For most of us who have worked intimately with I Never Sang for My Father, every rehearsal has brought personal and sometimes bitter memories of our pasts. Dealing with the play has forced us to examine ourselves and the relationships with those we love, particularly our own fathers.

Discussion has sometimes suggested that the tenuous father/son relationship expressed in this play is outdated: that "fathers" have changed to "daddies;" that women's lib has given ground to men's lib; that fathers and sons can be friends.

Yet each one of us - father, son, mother, daughter, brother, or sister - has said, "Yes, I know that person; I've dealt with these issues; they are universal."

Gary Phelps


Directed by
D. Garry Phelps
Produced by
Claudia Everest


The Cast
Gene Garrison
Porter, Waiter, Orderly
Jerome Junker
Tom Garrison
Margaret Garrison
Iris Shur
Reverend Pell
Philip Guzelf
Marvin Scott
Dr. Mayberry


The Crew
Technical Director
Stage Manager
Set and Lighting design
D. Gary Phelps
Set Construction
Larry Blundell
Props and set dressing
Beth Dawson
Margie Saltzmann
Harry Schecter
Rob Travers
set painting

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