The Concord Players Present

graphic by Kim Gyr

Meredith Willson
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56th season
April, 1976


Directed by
Musical Direction by
Choreography by
Produced by


The Cast
Traveling Salesmen
Jim Cook
Bruce Nelson
David Dawson
Craig McKee
Ted Osborn
John Lang
Charlie Cowell
Harold Hill
Mayor Shinn
Ewart Dunlop
Oliver Hix
John Muyskens, Jr
Jacey Squires
Jim Mercer
Olin Britt
Marcellus Washburn
Tommy Djilas
Marian Paroo
Mrs. Paroo
Winthrop Paroo
Will Bracker
Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn
Zaneeta Shinn
Alma Hix
Maud Dunlop
Ethel Toffelmier
Kathy Baird
Mrs. Squires
Nancy Standish
Constable Locke
Albert E. Smith

River City Townspeople and kids

Stephanie Baldwin
Nancy Bender
Palma Bertrando
Sarah Brace
Jennifer Clarke
Susan Davies
Annie Deford
Karen Demauro
Joe Demeo
Randy Elliott
David Esch
Laura Forbes
Becky Gould
Henry Hall
Wendy Harper
Dorothy Howe
Kelly Howe
Kristin Hutchins
Gail McKennitt
Alison Mitchell
Tricia Painter
Elizabeth Reeves
Peter Rempelakis
Jim Sterling
Walter Stoessel


Musical Numbers


Scene 1. A Railway Coach  
  Rock Island
Traveling Salesmen
Scene 2. River City  
  Iowa Stubborn
  Ya Got Trouble
Harold, Townspeople
Scene 3. A Street  
Scene 4. The Paroo Parlor  
  Piano Lesson
Marian, Amaryllis
  If You Don't Mind My Saying So
Marian, Mrs. Paroo
Scene 5. The Madison Gymnasium  
  Columbia, The Gem of the Ocean
  Seventy-Six Trombones
Harold, Townspeople
Olin, Oliver, Ewart, Jacey
Scene 6. Outside the Madison Library  
  The Sadder But Wiser Girl
Harold, Marcellus
  Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little
Eulalie, Maud, Ethel, Alma, Mrs. Squires, Ladies
  Goodnight, Ladies
Olin, Oliver, Ewart, Jacey
Scene 7. Inside the Madison Library  
  Marian, The Librarian
Harold, Marian, Dancers
Scene 8. A Street  
Scene 9 The Paroo Porch  
  My White Knight
Scene 10. River City  
  The Wells Fargo Wagon
Townspeople, Winthrop



Scene 1. The Madison Gym  
  It's You
Olin, Oliver, Eward, Jacey
Marcellus, Townspeople
  Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little (reprise)
Eulalie, Maud, Ethel, Alma, Mrs. Squires, Ladies
Scene 2. The Hotel Porch  
  Lida Rose
Olin, Oliver, Ewart, Jacey
  Will I Ever Tell You?
Scene 3. The Paroo Porch  
  Gary, Indiana
Winthrop, Marian, Mrs. Paroo
  Lida Rose (reprise)
Olin, Oliver, Ewart, Jacey
Scene 4. The Footbridge  
  Till There Was You
Marian, Harold
Scene 5. A Street  
  Seventy-Six Trombones
Goodnight My Someone
Marian, Harold
Scene 6. Madison Park  
  Till There Was You (reprise)
Scene 7. The Madison Gymnasium  



The Crew
Stage Manager
Assitant Stage Mgr
Virginia Smith
Assit to the Stage Mgr
Maria Bull
Stage Crew
Set Design
Set Painting
Set Construction
Light design
Light crew


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