Arsenic & Old Lace

by Joseph Kesselring

Directed by Virginia Kirshner

Produced by Linda K. Taylor & Jack Sweet

the 55th season
November 1974

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Cast Pictures (b&w)
Color slides


The Cast
Abby Brewster
Suzi Manzi
The Rev. Dr. Harper
Richard Cox
Teddy Brewster
Peter Bryant
Officer Brophy
Phil Albohn
Officer Klein
Lou Fuoco
Martha Brewster
Joan Wood
Elaine Harper
Susan Fawcett
Mortimer Brewster
Ted Osborn
Mr. Gibbs
Dave Edgar
Jonathan Brewster
Bill Travers
Dr. Einstein
Freelon Morris
Officer O'Hara
Jim O'Brien
Liutenant Rooney
J. Wayne Holt
Mr. Witherspoon
Cam Leger


Jonathan (Bill Travers) and Dr Einstein (Freelon Morris)
with Mortimer Brewster (Ted Osborn)


Production Staff
Stage Manager
Assit to director
Set designers
Don Clark
Joe Froehlich
Set painting
Set construction

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