A Flurry of Birds by David Fielding Smith

directed by
Patricia Butcher

April 1975

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About This Production:

A FLURRY OF BIRDS was given its premiere performance on April 19, 1975 at 51 Walden Street, Concord , Mass. in a building which a few hours before had been permanently ddicated by the 1975 Celebrations Committee "to the cultural heritage of Concord." The play was the winner of a competition, sponsored by the Players, for an original play that would be historically related to Concord; performing it was the Players contribution to the Town Bicentennial. A committee reviewed the more than twenty entries, and was rather depressed about the quality until David Fielding's script arrived just under the deadline!

Patricia Till was the director, and won the Moss Hart award for best direction.

Betsy Connelly, President of the Players during 1974-75 wrote:

"We commemorate a battle; but more significantly we commemorate the overt emergence of a spirit that had been maturing since the earliest days of colonial America -- a spirit nurtured by the challenging environment -- a spirit of liberty that motivated the people of this new country to risk their lives and lands to preserve and ultimately to expand their cherished freedom. This readiness to accept a challenge still lives on today. The Concord Players' response to this play has been typical of its long tradition. Our members, old, young, and middle-aged alike, have rallied together to give you the best we have to offer in the spirit of Concord.

With great honor and humility, we present A FLURRY OF BIRDS."


The Cast
Nancy Caskey
Peter Johnson
British Soldier
Peter Bryant
Amy Johnson
Michelle Oram
Timmy Duncan
Robert Sirois
Ellen Williams
Carey Prouty
Daniel Williams
Ollie Barlow
Barley Walters
Emily Johnson
Adam Johnson
Becky Gould
Amos S Wright
Sam Robinson
Garrett Hannegan
Heddie Kent
Faith Field
Peter Bryant
Ray Biggar
Frank Wood


The Crew
Stage Manager
Nancy Sosman
Award Winning Set Designer
Derek Till
Master Carpenter
Christopher Childs
Master Electrician
Randy Clark
Sound Composition
Bill Smith
Paul Gill
Graphic Arts Design
Nancy Baldwin
Set Painting
Beverly & Richard Gauthier
Set Dressing
Louise Nelson
Property Mistress

Heddie Kent

Nancy Colbert
Holly Whitney
Tom Emerson
Alice Moulton
Foyer Decoration
Robin Purnell
Assis Stage Mgr
Bill Howes