musical based on
Louisa May Alcott's
Little Women

book & lyrics by
Music by
Don Parks
William Dyer
William Dyer

Directed by

Roberta Hawkins

Musical Direction
Alfred Dentino
Gayna Grant

produced by

Cam Leger

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55th Season
August 1975

Amy (Julia Rempelakis), Meg (Nancy Halpin), Jo (Sue Rarus)
Beth (Jane Carleton)

The Cast
Anne Valentine
Jane Carleton
Julia Rempelakis
Nancy J. Halpin
Sally Gardner
Ginny Rosenthal
Sue Rarus
Spa Maid
Kerrin Clark
Tad Gillespie
Professor Bhaer
Harriet King
Diana Kallio
Fat Boy
Mark Raffa
Peter Hutchinson
Jennifer Blundell
Adrienne Blundell
Aunt March
Ellen Marder
Jane Perkins
Mr. Lawrence
Dave Sansone
Kathy Beach
Frank Wood



Musical Numbers
Scene 1. March living room in Harmony, Mass. Christmas Eve, during the Civil War
  Harmony, Mass Chorus
  Deep in the Bosom of the Family Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy
Hurry Home Marmee, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy
Scene 2, Upstairs in the March home
Let's Be Elegant Or Die Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy
Scene 3, The Conservatory of the Lawrence mansion
Castles in the Air Laurie
Friendly Polka Jo, Laurie, and Chorus
Scene 5, The Railway Station in Harmony
Time Will Be Brooke
What a Long Cold Winter Amy and Chorus
Scene 6, The Garden of the March home, A day in Spring
Moods Jo and Laurie
Scene 7, The march living room
Afraid to Fall in Love Jo
Scene 8. Upstairs in the March home, summer
A Wedding! A Wedding Beth, Amy and Chorus
Pleasant Meadows Meg
Scene 9. The garden of the March home
I Like Laurie
Scene 1. The March living room
Scene 2. A magazine office in New York
Genius Burns Jo and Editor
Scene 3. The drawing room of Mrs. Kirke's rooming house in New York
  If You Find A True Love Bhaer, Minna, and Kitty
  Nice As Any Man Can Be Jo
More Than Friends Laurie
Scene 4. The drawing room of Mrs. Kirke's rooming house in New Work
Scene 5. The seashore
Scene 6. A Watering place in Europe
Taking the Cure Amy, Aunt March and Chorus
Scene 7. The March living room
Scene 8. The garden of the March Home


Production Crew
Stage Manager
Mike McGovern
Mark Colbert
Costume design
Andrea Johnson
Linda Taylor
Joyce Blundell
Jane Seamans
Set Design
Barry and
Nancy Bailey
Set construction
Bill Howes
John Hinkley
Scenic artist
Mary-Jac Hatch
set painting
Martin O'Hearn
Laura Wong
Cheryl Adami
Debbie Stone
Ellen Steward


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