The Concord Players Present

Inherit the Wind

by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

62nd Season

Nov 12-27, 1982

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Setting: The 1920's, the town of Hillsboro and its courthouse
Based on the 1925 Scopes' "Monkey Trial," Inherit the Wind pits two giants of law in eloquent verbal battle. Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan fought their colorful legal duel in a sleepy town in Tennessee ... and the whole nation was enthralled. Not the young teacher Scopes, but the right to think, was on trial.


Directed by
James Laurence Sullivan Jr.
Produced by
Anne Tisdale
Susan Tucker
  Sally Walker


The Cast
E.K. Hornbeck
Shep Wenglin  
Mr. Bannnister
Dave Edgar
Bertram Cates
John McAuliffe  
Todd Tisdale
Rachel Brown
Terry Kozlowsky  
Mrs. Loomis
Gail Kearns
Henry Drummond
Bob Peters  
Peanut Vendor
Debbie Mazzolini
Rev. Brown
Donald MacMaster  
Mrs. McLain
Lora Munsell
M.H. Brady
Phil Jones  
Mrs. Blair
Harriet Levine
Cam Leger  
Ray Johnson
Mr. Dunlap
Don Stevens  
Mathew Pillar
Freelon Morris  
Irving McDowell
Gerald Zaccardo  
Mrs. Brady
Mim O'Brien
Dara Zall  
Tom Davenport
Bill Maxwell
Mr. Goodfellow
Richard Stevenson  
Phil Knight
Mrs. Krebs
Diane Hocker  
Reuters Man
Gerald Zaccardo
Tessie Finney
Alisa Lloyd  
Ray Biggar
Hurdy Gurdy Man
Tony Lupo  
Sarah Tisdale


Nancy Bernard
Melanie Blood
Alisa Lloyd
Mary Steinmann
Evan Zall
Lindsay Smith
Katrina Zaccardo
Danny Kearns
Bill Jeffrey
John Lauer
Arthur Ireland
Art Taylor
Chuck Colbert


The Crew
Stage Manager
Jody Lauer
Asst Stage Mgrs
Michael Ireland
Geoff Weaver
Set Design
Mary Jac Hatch
Set Construction
Ann, Dave & Gage Brownell
Granville Garth
Dick Hatch
Set Dressing/props
Heddie Kent
Lighting Design
John Butterworth
Lighting crew
Fred Lane
Rusten Olsen
Scott Hapgood
Judy Chanoux

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