Fiddler On The Roof

60th Season
April-May 1980

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Book by
Joseph Stein
Music by
Jerry Bock
Lyrics by
Sheldon Harnick
original New York
Stage Choreography by
Jerome Robbins
reproduced here by
Dorothy Santos &
Jonathan Towle
based on Sholem Aleichem stories by special permission of Arnold Perl
Directed by
Dorothy Santos
Musical director
Robin Esch
Produced by
Ann Brownell
Judy Larson
Bill Maxwell


The Cast
Tevye, The Dairyman
Steve Lillis
Golde, His Wife
Tzeitel, daughter
Janice Carrigan
Hodel, daughter
Chava, daughter
Sarah Duffy
Schprintze, daughter
Tina Zaccardo
Bielke, daughter
Kristin Hutchins
Yente, The Matchmaker
Motel, The Tailor
James Sterling
Perchik, The Student
Paul Johnson
Lazar Wolf, The Butcher
Mordcha, The Inn Keeper
Phil Knight
Mendel, His Son
Rod Cleaves
Avrahm, The Book seller
Barclay Tittman
Nachum, The Beggar
Grandma Tzeitel
Shandel, Motel's Mother
Russian Dancers
Tom Biernson
John Klibanoff
Kurt MacLeod
Bottle Dancers
Tom Biernson
John Klibanoff
Neal F. Kling
Yeshiva Boy
Russian Soldier
Terry Miller
The Fiddler
Murray Edelberg
The Villagers
Elizabeth Abbe
Joe Harney
Carey Prouty
Peter Rempelakis
Lisa Kleypas
Sheri Swanson
Andrew Fenniman
Sonia White
Jill Wilson


Musical Numbers


Prologue, Anatevka
Tevye, Villagers
Scene 1. Kitchen in Tevye's house, late afternoon
Tzeitel, Hodel, Chava
Scene 2. Exterior of Tevye's house
If I Were a Rich Man
Scene 3. Interior of Tevye's house
Sabbath Prayer
Tevye's family, Motel, Perchik
Scene 4. The Inn, next evening
To Life
Tevye, Lazar, Villagers
Scene 5. Street outside the Inn, later that night
Scene 6. On a bench outside Tevye's house
Tevye's Monologue
Miracle of Miracles
Scene 7. Tevye's bedroom, a few nights later
The Dream
Tevye, Golde, Grandma Tzeitel, Fruma-Sarah, rabbi, Villagers
Scene 8. Village street & Motel's Tailor Shop, several days later
Scene 9. Tevye's yard, evening, several weeks later
Sunrise, Sunset
Tevye, Golde, Villagers
Prologue, Anatevka
Scene 1. Exterior of Tevye's house, several months later
Now I Have Everything
Perchik, Hodel, Tevye, Golde
Do You Love Me?
Tevye, Golde
Scene 2. Village street, two months later
The Rumor
Yente, Mendel, Avram, Shandel, Villagers
Scene 3. Exterior of Railroad Station, morning, several months later
Far From The Home I Love
Scene 4. Village street, some months later
Scene 5. Motel's Tailor Shop
Scene 6. Somewhere on the outskirts of the village, months later.
Scene 7. Tevye's yard, a month later
Tevye, Golde, Villagers
Scene 8. Outside Tevy's house, three days later.


The Crew
Stage Manager
Asst stage mgr
Miki McIntire
Set design & Workshop
Set painting
Bonnie Soleau
set carpenters
Set Dressing
Tevye's Cart
Diana Kallio
Light design
Bill Elliott
Sharon Lane
costume design
Martha Niles

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