The Concord Players

Board Members 2022 - 2023

Nadine Sa Vice Pres
Corinne Kinsman Membership
Lisa Astbury Special Events
Craig Howard Play/Director Selection (Chair)
Tracy Wall Member-at-Large
Denise Casale Member-at-Large
Andy Swansburg Member-at-Large

Committees and Functions

The first name in each list is the chair, unless otherwise noted.

Archives   Rik Pierce
Box Office Tickets   Kathy Lague
Costumes   Pat Kane, Kathy Booth, Tracy Wall
Database   TBD
Finance   Tom Sullivan, Kathy Lague, Amanda Casale
Fire Regulations   Allen Bantly
51 Walden Rep   TBD
Front of House   Andrea Roessler
Fundraising   Jill Henderson
Hair/Wigs   Cheri Fletcher
Lighting   Susan Tucker
Make Up   TBD
Marketing/Publicity   Andrea Roessler, Stefanie Cloutier, Rik Pierce, Linda McConchie, Tracy Wall
Membership   Corinne Kinsman, Andy Swansburg
Newsletter   Amanda Casale
Nominating Committee   Tracy Wall
Opening Night Gala   Anne Bantly, Jill Henderson, Bill Henderson, Linda McConchie
Planning and Development   Jill Henderson
Play/Director Selection   Craig Howard, Carly Evans, Katie Alexander,Tom Sullivan, Jenn Bubriski
Program Ads   Jay Newlon
Program Production   Iain Bason
Props   Charlotte Kelly, Anne Bantly, Linda McConchie
Set Construction/Shop   Allen Bantly
Showbus   Susan Tucker
Sound   Charlie Kiefer, Tom Powers, Paul Gill
Special Events/Meetings   Lisa Astbury
Stage   Allen Bantly, Susan Tucker
Subscriptions   Anne Damon
Technical Director   Allen Bantly
Technology Committee   Charlie Kiefer, Tom Powers, Paul Gill, Susan Tucker
Website   Mike Lague, Rik Pierce


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