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April 2003


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DRAG OUT YOUR PAINTING SHIRT, YOUR OLDEST JEANS: our spring musical, Chicago, will have need of set painters, beginning in early April. Contact Sally Bull, 978-369-2042 for dates. A reminder to producers and crew heads: do use this newsletter of ours whenever your show needs assistance. Someone out there may just be waiting for an invitation to get involved.
Next year’s officers were announced at the Annual Meeting: Jean Devine, president; Rik Pierce and Pamela Sturgis (new to the board), vice-presidents; Myron Feld, treasurer; Sally Bull, secretary. Other new board members are Sheryl Blair, Sheryl Peters, and Lewis Blair. They take up their jobs in July. And even though he will be formally thanked at our Spring Frolic, all hail Pres. Artty Kinsman for doing such a conscientious job. It ain’t easy!

Entertainment at the meeting was two-fold. Thomas Caron, Charlie Atherton, and Judith Broggi teamed up for a sprightly preview of Twelfth Night, our fall play. In addition, Chicago director Maryann Swift and a sharp troupe of dancers gave us a taste of Fosse choreography in the “Roxie” number. If they’re this good now, imagine what we’ll see after April 25th! This show is sure to sell out: for tickets, call 978-369-2990, or visit the Harness Shop in Concord center after April 4th, but please, don’t call them! They’re doing us a favor, and we mustn’t abuse it.
Niela Miller is offering a number of local workshops, both for the public and for people professionals (educators, workshop leaders, trainers, etc.), that employ theater improv. and other art processes. Please visit her website – www.peoplesystemspotential.com – and look at her Programs page for more information.
Some new members to add to your book:
Lise Stahl Brown, 26 Stacy Circle, Concord 01742
Alex Parker, 77 Russell Street, 01741
Alice Williams, 151 Park Lane, Concord
Sarah Finsthwait, 607 Country Way, Scituate MA 02066: ph.781 545-6305:
e-mail SarahW.Fin.@attbi.com
Leslie Wagner is playing Vera in Theatre 111’s Stepping Out, directed by Ed Knights, who learned his footwork in our production a few years back. The show runs the first 3 weekends in May. For tickets, phone 978 263-9070, or e-mail www.theatre111.org. ………. Shana Dirik just can’t stop! (But why would she?) She’ll be Arlene in Baby at the Theater at the Mount in Gardner, MA, the first 2 week-ends in May. Ticket info. to come……Tillie Sweet had a fine time in the cast of Present Laughter at Vokes.
And did you see the high school’s production of Ragtime? David Ballard was part of the huge cast. Their shows are not to be missed. Don’t forget: tell us your news, and if you have a friend who is too modest to blow his/her own horn, break his/her anonymity here!

The Fenn School put on a terrific presentation of Honk! directed by Kirsten Gould and ably assisted by Nashoba School’s Rachel Vachon – you remember her as Dot, the acerbic spouse who kept her fatuous wing commander in line. The off-stage and over-30 chorus, including David Gould and Charles Streff, got into their green suits jump suits for the frog number. Kathy Booth converted our costumes and created many more; Mike Finke did the set.
Planning ahead: for January 24, 2004 (well, what will you be doing?), Rik Pierce and Kerrie Miller, the mother in The Bad Seed, have tentatively set up a special event. It will be called “Act Up,” a “free-wheeling skit, scenes, songs, what-have-you,” open to all Players. To hear more, contact Rik, RikP@pobox.com, or Kerrie, millerkerrie@aol.com,.
Next newsletter deadline is April 16th. Phone me at 978-369-5899, or e-mail cwdolphin@aol.com . Claiborne Dawes. Ed.