The Concord Players Presents

...Three plays about Love


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50th Season
May 1970


The Lover
by Harold Pinter

directed by
Nancy Caskey

Gretchen Buntschuh
Bill Siebert
JOHN, The milkman
Freelon Morris


directed by
June Judson

Paul Arond
Gretchen Megowan
Jonathan Billings
Michele Merrington
Sarah Carleton
Barry Savenor
Jane Crandall
Danny Small
Jane Elliott
Cliff Tucker
Pam Judson
Chris Walkey
Peter Klein
Julie Wootton

TROUPE is a unique performing group of teenagers who have been studying and working together in a drama workshop at DeCordova Museum under the direction of June Judson. TROUPE's program consists of improvised performance pieces created through group effort. All of the material performed is original.

Passion, Poison and Petrifaction
by George Bernard Shaw

directed by
Bette Cloud

Lady Magnesia Fitztollemache
Jeannette Fullerton
Susan Nesson
George Fitztollemache
Chris Davies
Adolphus Bastable
Bill Maxwell
Bill Travers
Police Constable
Freelon Morris
Laurie VanSomeren



The Production Crew
Production Manager
Pat Billings
Assistant Betsy Harris
Set Design Ed MacLeod
Set Construction Fred Barstow
Set Painting Maureen MacLeod
Stage Manager Len VanGaasbeek
Lights Art Crooke
Sound Bill Smith
Costumes Ellie Harrison`
Makeup Katie VanSomeren



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