The Concord Players Present

Graphic Design: Julie Sforza

Directed by

To be performed on the lawn in front of the Concord MA Main Library
Saturdays and Sundays at 5:00 PM,
June 17, 18, 24, 25, 2023

(Rain venue: 51 Walden Street, Concord)

With an evening performance on
Friday, June 23, 2023 at 7:00 PM
(at 51 Walden Street, Concord)

Free Admission!

To enhance the experience of our audience,
our actors will again use body mics this year!

For library lawn performances:
A limited number of chairs and open space will be available,
but bring a lawn chair for guaranteed seating and comfort.
Most seating will be in the shade of the library building.
If you like, bring a snack or beverage.
(alcoholic beverages are not permitted)

For 51 Walden performances:
Masks are suggested for attendees at indoor performances

Midsummer is largely a work of Shakespeare’s own creation — a madcap mash-up of Greek heroes, Amazon queens, young lovers, “rude mechanicals,” and a world of fairies and sprites with their own royalty. On the eve of Duke Theseus’ wedding to his fiancé (captive?) Hippolyta, Hermia and her love Lysander fly to the woods to escape the dictates of her father Egeus. They are pursued by Demetrius, who also loves Hermia, and Helena, who desperately loves him. Meanwhile in the wood, a group of craftsmen meet to rehearse a play in honor of Theseus’ wedding.

What these mortals don’t know is that they have happened into a wood ruled by Oberon and Titania, king and queen of a fairy world thrown into turmoil with their discord — discord aided and abetted by a hobgoblin called Puck whose own devices, whatever they are, may also be at play. In a time of the year known for lusty merriment, all of the parties are thrown into an ecstatic and energetic evening of coupling, uncoupling, transformation, and emergence.

This production hopes to harness the giddy energy that runs through a youthful summer night, as the sun sets and all things are possible. Midsummer typifies that spirit, even in comparison to Shakespeare’s other slapstick comedies. It has always enthralled with its comedic chaos and we hope that you come grab on to that feeling with us!


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Production Team

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Scenic Design -

Costume Mistresses -

Graphic Design -
 Kathleen & Joe Viens
 Indulgence Floral Design
 (Salem, NH)
 Lexi Meunier
 Hannah Clifford
 Savanah Carlson
 Julie Sforza

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