Highlights from the Newsletter

  March, 1998
More about the Players - Join us!

OKLAHOMA! is shaping up nicely. A few new cast members include: John Lang, Bill Reed, Amanda Reed and David Gould.

STEPPING OUT was a smash hit. Congratulations to all for an uplifting and just plain fun ensemble --.-creation!

EMACT UPDATE: Charlie Atherton's EMACT submission, 'At The Hawk's Well' was picked and will be traveling to Brandeis Memorial Day weekend to represent the Concord Players. Much success, Charlie. Enjoy this wonderful and exciting opportunity!

SLATE FOR NEXT SEASON: 'Sylvia', directed by Joe Zamparelli; 'Wait Until Dark', directed by Dave Sheppard and 'A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to the Forum', directed by Sharon Bizantz. Step right up and get those subscriptions now!!

ABOUT TOWN: Ken Happe has been picked as the new Artistic Director of the New England Theatre Company. Congrats, Ken. Since the Concord Players' 'Inspector Calls', Jack Sweet has been a very busy actor: He has performed at Vokes as psychic healer, Dr. Mandrill, in the film-noire musical, 'City of Angels.' (He was the spinning corpse on a gurney in a salsa song and dance number!) Jack was proud to understudy Santa Claus, who anonymously played Father Christmas, in the Concord Players 'Mummers' play this year. He recorded the main voice-over in a Cape Cod Canal documentary soon to be on R.I. Public T.V. Jack and Tillie promised to perform in the Arlington Friends' retrospective on May 8, 9 & 10, so couldn't try out for 'Oklahoma.'. Jack joined S.A.G. and w&,! a surprised crossing guard in a CVS/Hallmark Christmas commercial. He has had small roles in two 'indie' films: 'Next Stop Wonderland' at Sundance, and 'Starving Artists' at MFA, and he played a chief surgeon in a student film, and an investor in a stock-brokers industrial. Whooaa!

AUDITIONS for 'At The Hawk's Well', the Concord Players selection for performance at the EMACT Festival over Memorial Day weekend at Brandeis University, will be held at 51 Walden on Sunday. March 29 at 2 pm. There are six characters in the play: Gisele Ganz will be The Guardian of the Well, and I believe one other character has been cast. So four roles are open for actors who can speak in verse.

MISSING: A dark, Victorian red fainting couch. If you know of its whereabouts, please call Heddi Kent We just want to make sure it is safe and will be coming home soon.

A PLAY READING of 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf" took place early in March at Lida McGirr's home. Attending were Peggy Elliot, Rik Pierce and Bill Maxwell. We had a rip ROARING good time -- my kids had nightmares for weeks -- but let's get another one together soon! MAEL BOX SLOTS are marked in the Green Room for President, Treasurer, Play Reading, Lights, Sound, Stage, Publicity, Tickets, General. Bill Butcher picks up mail daily and distributes it and asks that you 'Please check mail boxes that apply to you -- or others, if you want to read their mail