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August 1, 2006




We’ve filled out some of our committees for the coming year, but still are looking for volunteers to fill some positions. Please consider giving some of your time and talent to our organization!
The committees thus far are these:

Play Selection:

Special Events:
Corporate Fund Raising:

Chuck Holleman, John Hutchins, Myron Feld.
Tom Sullivan, Susan Tucker, Marcia Marlowe, John McAuliffe, Brigitta Knuttgen
Laura Sweet, Lisa Astbury (would like two more members)
Marion Pohl, Corinne Kinsman, Charlotte Kelley, Bob Runck
David Gould, Bob Asher, Pam Sturgis, Linda McConchie

At this point we still need committees/chairs for Publicity and Marketing, (two each), as well as an EMACT liaison. Please contact Ellie Hutchins at if you are able to help us with any of these positions. Also, please remember that all committees are encouraging input from our membership, so if you have any ideas, comments, etc., do contact someone on that committee.

David Atwood in a rare restful moment views the stage floor that he and others had worked untold hours to prepare for the demolition that began July 6. 

Renovation Update: Mark Elliott reports that we have filled 3 dumpsters so far! – all the beams are down, the footings are being poured, the “sistering” being done to the joists, and everything is on schedule as of now. For a blow-by-blow, consult our website for the latest developments!

New Year’s Eve Gala: It was thought prudent not to attempt the gala for this year as the possibility of losing money is too great in this time of other significant expenses looming. We will focus more effort on the spring FOPAC Follies.

In another bit of news: Laura Sweet is now the theatre manager for the Emerson Umbrella. Check out their webpage at

The Concord Players invite you to auditions for ALL MY SONS on Sunday August 27th and Wednesday August 30 with call backs on August 31st at 51 Walden Street.  Come and be  part of this extraordinarily powerful play by Arthur Miller, directed by Doug Cooper.  Scripts are in the Concord Libraries.

Questions? Comments? Issues you’d like the board to address?

In a show? Let us know!