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July/August, 2002


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Greetings, Players!

Most of you have probably already heard the very sad news that our beloved
Jack Sweet died suddenly on June 5th. His funeral was held at 51 Walden, and
many of his friends and loved ones shared their memories of him in a very
moving service, which concluded with one last standing ovation for Jack. He
and his wife, Tillie, have been active with the Players for many years, in
addition to performing in venues all over Eastern Massachusetts, and
appearing in films and advertisements. He was a very talented man , and his
gentle warmth and robust good humor will be greatly missed by all who knew
him. Our love and condolences go out to Tillie and all of his family.

The Concord Players and the Concord Library have come to an agreement that
all memorabilia from all performances of Little Women will be archived in
the Concord Public Library. Anyone who has anything that they feel should be
included in this collection should contact Sheryl Blair at 978-369-9749 or
e-mail her at <sheryl.blair@prodigy.net>, no later than August 25. All items
MUST BE submitted to Sheryl by then. It must be understood, however, that if
you make this donation, it will be considered a gift to the library, and the
only access you'll have at that point is to view it as archival property, at
the library, and will not be able to get it back. A provision will be made
that only the Concord Players will be able to remove it, and this will only
be allowed prior to one of our Little Women productions every ten years. It
will then be returned to the library, where it will be kept safe, in a
temperature-controlled environment.

Auditions for Bad Seed will occur on Wednesday and Thursday, September 4th
and 5th, at 7:30 PM at 51 Walden Street. Callbacks will be at the
Trinitarian Church, across the street, on Monday, September 9th, at 7:30 PM.
Rik Pierce is directing, and Marlene Mandel and Corrinne Kinsman are the

The Louisa May Alcott Memorial Association and Orchard House have presented
the Concord Players with a certificate of appreciation acknowledging “with
deep gratitude” our donation of several period costumes to Orchard House.

There will be a work day at 51 Walden on Saturday, September 14. Please put
this on your calendar, and come help us get our theater spiffed up and
organized for the coming season.

Coming soon - jackets and shirts with the Concord Players logo will be
available for sale! Check the web site, <www.concordplayers.org>, for
information on when they will be available. Thanks to Charlie Atherton for
organizing this.

Players' member Thomas Caron will produce and direct Shakespeare's The Life
of Timon of Athens
for The Town Cow Theater Company, Concord's new, free
outdoor theater. Performances are scheduled for August 2 - 18, Fridays at 6
PM, Saturdays at 2 PM & 6 PM, and Sundays at 4 PM, in Anne Chamberlin Park,
on Lowell Road, 50' west of Monument Square. Admission is free and tickets
are not required. Seating will be available, or bring a blanket and make it
a picnic. Members of The Concord Players in the cast include Thomas, Lida
r, Mikki Lipsey, Laura Sweet, and Webb Tilney. For further information
call 978 318 7979, or contact Thomas by e-mail.

Here's a message from Rik Pierce: “A whole parcel of production pictures
from the 1967 production of My Fair Lady has come into my brief possession.
I have scanned them and they are now up on the site. I am also in contact
with Dave Chase, who had been the photographer for the production head shots
and some of the production pictures for several years. The site is gathering
more images all the time. If any member out there has some good pictures
from a production where the web site is lacking good images, please be in
touch with Rik Pierce 978-371-7491, or RikP@pobox.com. I can scan both
slides and prints, and return the originals very quickly.”

Bill Smith alerted us that he spotted Joseph Zamparelli playing the part of
a whaling captain in a new promo movie for the New Bedford Whaling National
Park, called The City That Lit the World. The movie is being shown every
hour on the hour at the New Bedford Whaling Museum Theatre. He says that he
was surprised to see Joe in the movie, and when he e-mailed him, Joe
responded as follows: “Thanks. I was pleased with it. Northern Lights, who
produced it for the NPS (National Park Service), were great to work with,
and they're over on Comm. Ave. I did a voice-over narration for them if
you're ever in Guilford Co. (PA I think) for the Battle of Guilford County
Courthouse (Revolutionary War). I think that's also National Park Service.”

Bill also writes: “BTW, I just finished running both sound and lights for
the local theatre's production of Sylvia. The theatre is called “Your
Theatre Inc.” and is located in downtown New Bedford. Both the lights and
the sound are now computerized, so it was very easy. I even provided some of
the sound effects from the Players production of four years ago. How is that
for recycling?”

Eric Ruben will be doing stand-up comedy on a tour of the Midwest from July
12 through 27. You can check out his schedule of appearances on his web page
at www.ericruben.com. He will also perform his comedy routine at the
Savoy Club, a fund-raiser for charity, on August 23 and 24 at 8:00 PM, at
the Sudbury United Methodist Church in Sudbury Center.

We wish a speedy recovery to Bill Butcher, following a stay in Emerson

That's the news for now. Please send your news to me at <sara@sb.org>, or to
Sara Ballard, 34 Aurora Lane, Concord, MA 01742. The next newsletter
deadline is August 23.