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Jan, 2000


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archived Newsletters:

Greetings, Players!

Wow, it looks strange to see that 2000 at the top of the page, doesn't it? I guess we'll all get used to it pretty soon. I hope that you all had a wonderful turn of the century. I'm just grateful that the lights and heat are still on, and no catastrophes occurred.

Rehearsals are well under way for Our Town, which promises to be a wonderful production. We have a large and talented cast working hard under Dorothy Schecter's excellent direction. The cast is comprised of Lillian Anderson, Patrick Beavers, Kate Blair, Len Clarke, Stephen Collins, Carole Daniels, Jean Devine, Thomas Dichter, Susan Ellsworth, Ron Green, Jeff Harris, Joe Johnson, Ann Killough, Bronson and Fritz Kussin, Marlene Mandel, Marie Mann, Bill Maxwell, Rik Pierce, Danny Rooney, Danielle and Derek Sacks, Mike Salerno, Rebecca Sheehan, Robyn Steriti, Charles and Meg Streff, Jim Sullivan, Laura Weiss, and Peter Yensen.

I've received a list of Jacques Brel cast/crew who received recognition for their achievement in the show and will receive awards at the EMACT awards banquet in June. The honorees are: Kirsten Gould, Direction; Susan Minor, Music Direction; Lewis Blair, Carissa Burkhart, Shana Dirik, Tom Dinger & Larry Peterson as an ensemble; Bob Peters , Set Design; Susan Tucker, Lighting Design; John Murtagh, Stage Manager; Gisele Ganz, Asst. Stage Manager; Sally Bull, Claiborne Dawes, and Peggy Elliot, Production Managers. That's an impressive list; congratulations to them all!

Speaking of Jacques Brel, here's a message from Claiborne Dawes: "We're still hunting a producer to shepherd our cutting of Jacques Brel through the EMACT competition over the Memorial Day weekend. John Murtagh will actually be the senior shepherd, once the scenery arrives, actors ditto, and the show goes up; John knows the Brandeis theater and the EMACT procedures like... the back of his hand. But someone will be needed to be contact between director/crew/actors, arrange for transportation, etc. (We expect the crews to remain the same. And the actors!). And you have one of the best directors anywhere. So do step up! Sally, Peggy, and I will answer any questions you have, and provide all our notes, phone numbers, support, etc. Thanks."

Our fund raising venture was wildly successful, and we even exceeded our goal by raising $86,610! We are thrilled and extremely grateful to all of you for your generosity and support. Not only are we able to make all of the urgent emergency repairs, but we will be able to make some other badly needed upgrades to the building, such as insulating the scene dock (and the casts and crews who usually freeze backstage during cold weather will be very thankful, I'm sure!).

I'd like to remind everyone that all members are welcome to attend our Board Meetings, which are on the third Tuesday of every month at 7:30, usually in the green room. Board members serve a three year term; if you are interested in learning more about Board membership, please call Marlene Mandel or E-mail her at marleneman@aol.com .

Nancy Curran Willis is directing the Quannapowitt Player's production of Sam Shepard's Simpatico where the line between winners and losers is as treacherously thin as a razor blade. Production dates are: Feb. 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26 @ 8:00 and Sun, Feb 20 @ 3:00. For tickets call: 781-942-2212. Nancy has directed two Concord productions, Deathtrap and Jake's Women.

Tillie Sweet had rotator cuff surgery on her shoulder at Emerson Hospital on January 5. I understand she's had a bit of a rough recovery due to a bad reaction to the anesthesia, but she's improving. We send her best wishes and a hope for a speedy rehabilitation.

Jack Sweet and Brad Walters performed three Bob and Ray skits at Vokes on Friday and Saturday Jan. 14 and 15. Jack is cast at Merrimac Rep in The Front Page as Woodenshoes Eichhorn, performing in the month of April.

Two young men from Our Town are also busy with other productions. Danny Rooney will appear in C.C.H.S.'s production of Damn Yankees on March 3,4,10,11,& 12, and Thomas Dichter will be in Concord Youth Theatre's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, during the weekends of March 10 and 17. Scott Evans (Shadowlands) is also appearing in the Snow White production; this is being directed by Lisa Evans, choreographer for the Players' Stepping Out and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

Amanda Reed is working for Disney, appearing in shows and playing characters on their cruise ships in the Caribbean. What a way to spend the winter!

Sara Ballard (that's me) will be playing a "professional bridesmaid" in the Sudbury Savoyards production of Gilbert and Sullivan's Ruddigore. One of the less well known G & S collaborations, this spooky tale has it allčancient curses, bad baronets, a portrait gallery of ancestors who come to life and haunt their descendants, and, of course, Gilbert's wit and Sullivan's beautiful music. Performances are Fri. Feb. 25, Sat. Feb. 26, Thurs. March 2, Fri. March 3, and Sat. March 4 at 8:00 PM; matinees on Sun. Feb. 27 and Sat. March 4 at 2:00 PM, and will take place at Lincoln-Sudbury High School. Tickets are $15 or $11 for students and seniors. Call 978-443-8811 for reservations or go to www.sudburysavoyards.org for more info. All proceeds from the production go to the relief of world hunger.

If you are a member and have not received your Member Book, call Bob Runck at 781-271-1044 for a copy.

Please remember to send your news to me at sara@sb.org, or
Sara Ballard,
9 Stacey Circle,
Concord, MA 01742.

Have a good month, and try to stay warm!