Oklahoma! by Rodgers & Hammerstein

Directed by
Kirsten Gould
Music Direction
Susan Minor
Produced by
Claiborne Dawes
Peggy Elliott

April 1998

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The Cast:

Curly Paul Murphy Paul Murphy
Aunt Eller Lynn Anderson Lynn Anderson
Laurey Mary Sweeney Mary Sweeney
Ado Annie Lisa Stanton Lisa Stanton
Ali Hakim Jim Curley Jim Curley
Will Parker Jim McAleer Jim McAleer
Jud Fry Jim Hunt as Jud Fry James Hunt
Gertie Cummings Judith Broggi
Andrew Carnes Giovanni Capello


The Ensemble
Lillian Anderson
Kate Beattie
Kim Bergey
Julia Case
Emily Chapman
Len Clarke
Lynn Devitt
Gretchen Erickson
Jeff Fuhrer
Bill Gallagher
David Gould
Tim Jacoby
Rollin Johnson
Ann Marie King
John Lang
Sabine Lindner
Lori Livermore
Bill Mason
Bill Maxwell
Lisa Morgan
Ingrid Neri
Amanda Reed
Bill Reed
Susan Rood
Dave Scott
Jacque Smith
Charles Streff
Bob Twomey


Musical Numbers
Oklahoma! Overture
Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'
Curly, Laury
The Surrey with the Fringe on the Top
Kansas City
Will, Kansas City Ensemb
Reprise: Surrey
I Cain't Say No
Ado Annie
Reprise: I Cain't Say No
Will, Ado Annie
Reprise: Oh What a Beautiful Mornin'
Many a New Day
People Will Say We're in Love
Laurey, Curly
Pore Jud is Daid

Curly, Jud

Lonely Room
Out of My Dreams
Dream Ballet
Dream Dance
The Farmer and the Cowman
All Er Nothin'
Will, Ado Annie
Reprise: People Will Say We're in Love
Curly, Laurey
Curly, Company
Reprise: Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'


The Dream Ballet
Clarissa Easton or Amy Meredith
Dream Laurey
Scott Ranagan or Jonathan H. Towle Dream Curly
Tom Hebert or Jonathan H. Towle Dream Jud


Dream Ballet Bridal Attendants
Miranda Bailey
Angela Bonnici
Lauren Boyle
Amanda Mandrafino
Mara Shelton
Christine Towle
Caitlin Trowbridge
Sonya Turner


The Crew
Kurt Lanza
Stage Manager
Eileen Montaperto
Assist stage manager
Bill Butcher
Production & set consultant
Frank Gill
Senior construction staff
Art Kinsman
Senior construction staff
Gladys Foreman
D. Schweppe
Lighting (design)
Rick Shamel
Lighting (run)
Jack Wickwire
Sound (design)
Bill Smith
Sound (run)
Charlie Atherton
Candace Litchfield
Kate Beattie
Dance Captain