Seamus Knight

Seamus is somewhat of an actor, who has been in a few films and plays since he was as young as four years old. It has been a little while since he has had the opportunity to perform on stage, the previous of which was last Spring in the Fourth Wall Stage Company’s production of Awake and Sing, in which he played Ralph. Arcadia has been one of his favorite plays for the longest time, and the high-energy atmosphere and commitment to the details in Stoppard’s masterpiece here at Concord Players has been a very creatively encouraging process to be a part of. After this production he hopes to continue pursuing filmmaking (scriptwriting and directing, but never acting), and avant-garde songwriting in the style of Laurie Anderson; meanwhile, he intends to major in Philosophy at a thus far unspecified college in New York City, the land where conceptual art flourishes.

Concord Player Productions
2018 Arcadia Augustus Coverly/
Gus Coverly