Kate Downey


Katy cannot believe she is finally onstage for Les Mis, after watching from the audience so many times! It is one of her all-time faves, and it's truly been a labor of love to work with everyone involved in this production. Katy has appeared in too many musicals to count, singing and dancing her way through venues across the country. She dedicates this performance to Robyn, who was forced to memorize the original cast recording 20 years ago, and with whom she has wondered "Who Am I?" approximately 24,601 times. For Katy, this show is special because it captures the spirit of friendship, loyalty, passion, heartache, sacrifice, fear, goodness, kindness, triumph, survival...and most of all, how much one is willing to do for love. She hopes you enjoy it!

Concord Player Productions
2013 Les Misèrables Whore 3/ Ensemble