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Antonio the Director


On Sunday, March 22, Antonio Ocampo-Guzman presented his third annual "Scenes from Shakespeare" after the Players annual members meeting. Here are some glimpses of the event:

Judith as Fonzi
Dorothy and Anna
Judith Broggi
Dorothy Schecter/Anna Caskey
Carol comforts Deren Judith gives it to Gisele
Deren Cluff/Carol Mitchell
Gisele Ganz/Judith Broggi


Eric listens to Jim   Ginger and Joe in Kiss Me Kate
Eric Lawson/Jim Sullivan
Joe Johnson/Ginger Lazarus
Mikki angry at Christine  
Lida succumbs to John
Mikki Lipsey/Christine Freeman
Lida McGirr/John MacLean


Ronda Yeomans
Ronda Yeomans