Set Speeches & Soliloquies
April 16, 2023 / 1:30–4:30 PM
Goodwin Forum, Concord Free Public Library
129 Main Street, Concord, MA

Our final session will focus on what it takes to "take the audience with you" in performing a solo speech or soliloquy. How do you make the audience listen, particularly to the complex language of Shakespeare? How can you avoid playing just a "summary" of the speech, but rather truly discover the words as you say them?

The session will be primarily focused on a study of speeches, with an opportunity for collaborative feedback and revision. A collection of speeches will be sent out ahead of time, but this session certainly offers an opportunity for participants to bring in any speeches they might like to take a crack at. Scenes that may be utilized include:

To participate:

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  2. Watch Episode 4 (Set Speeches & Soliloquies) of the Playing Shakespeare series (available on YouTube) or read Chapter 5 of Playing Shakespeare: An Actor’s Guide (available at the library and on Amazon).