Emily Lovering


Emily is a newcomer to the Players, lives in Lincoln, and is recently
liberated from 40 years at WGBH. While there to "type, file, meet, greet, write", her various positions included fetching stars from Boston's stage doors to WGBH's theatre review program; applying make-up to Beverly Sills; writing cue cards for Ted Kennedy; stocking Alistair Cooke's green room with Swiss Miss Instant Hot Chocolate; fitting a new shirt onto Aaron Copeland; preparing props for Vincent Price; and rushing an oven-ready stuffed pig by taxi to "The French Chef" set.

She has appeared as a dancing molecule on "Physics I", a singing owl on "Parlons Francais"; and as a cleaning lady sweeping Arthur Fiedler and the Pops Orchestra off the stage. She hopes that this proximity to greatness will prepare her for usefulness at 51 Walden St. and all the wonderful company she has so far found there. Currently, she's writing publicity for "Angel Street" and trying out paint
brushes on the set.


Concord Player Productions
Assistant Director
props & set dressing