On Saturday, January 19 the Concord players presented one night of "The Many Loves of Will Shakespeare" directed by Charlie Atherton. Here are some images from that evening             (please scroll right for more pictures)                                                    



Charlie: The Master of Ceremonies

The Concordia Consort:

  • Audrey Benevento
  • Eileen Callahan
  • Mark Maiden
  • Sheila Beardslee
John Kinsman & Thomas Caron
Ken Happe & Sheryl Blair
Jean Devine
Carol Mitchell
Charlie, Robin Gabrielli, & Iain Bason
Robin and Iain
Thomas Caron
John & Tom
Maya Singh & Ken Happe
John Kinsman
John and friend
Thomas Caron
Maya Singh
Katherine Horlitz
Lillian Anderson & Bill Maxwell
Thomas Caron
Iain Bason
Katherine Horlitz & Danny Rooney