Production Pictures

Sketches by Bob Bridges,
Director and Designer February 1976

Belle McDonald and Pat Butcher with
Ray Biggar and Carol Bennett seated

Carol Bennet with Ray Biggar

Bill Siebert, Bob Peters, and Tom Ruggles

Pat Butcher and Suzi Manzi

Bill Travers and Ray Van Vorse with
Steve Wasserman and Terry Nilo seated

Nancy Halpin and Chuck Ainsworth

Bob Berger and Norma Elfner

Betsy Connelly with Pat Butcher

Chris Davis, Ray Van Vorse,
and Betsy Connelly

Bob Berger, Betsy Connelly, Chris Davis,
Norma Elfner, Pat Butcher, Bill Travers

Irving McDowell and Belle McDonald

(clockwise) Bob Berger, Pat Butcher,
Chuck Ainsworth and Suzi Manzi

Belle McDonald, Pat Butcher, and Irving McDowell

The Family

Carol Bennet and Terry Nilo

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