The Concord Players Present

The Wizard of Oz

By L. Frank Baum
dramatized by Adele Thane

Directed by Hope D. Chase

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44th Season

March 1963

The Cast
Pamela Baldwin
Catherine Alfred
First Munchkin
William Travers
Second Munchkin
Robert Travers
Third Munchkin
Robert Niss
Witch of the North
Patricia Billings
Chris Davies
Tin Woodman
Fabian Friedman
Cowardly Lion
David Edgar
Edward K. True
Roger C. Fenn
Rachel Morgan
First Winkie
Billy Fripp
Second Winkie
Chris Roof
Madame Winkie
Eleanor Palmer
Witch of the West
Frances Fripp
Glinda the Good
Melita Clark
Aunt Em
Patricia Smith


  Prologue -- Kansas
Act I Scene 1 -- Land of Munchkins
  Scene 2 -- A Corn Field in Munchkinland
  Scene 3 -- Edge of Forest
Act II Scene 1 --Throne Room in Palace of Oz
  Scene 2 -- Winkie Land
  Scene 3 -- Courtyard of Yellow Castle
Act III Throne Room, Palace of Oz
  Epilogue -- Kansas

The Production Crew
Stage Manager
Bruce Mackey
Set Designer
Harrison Wadsworth
Book Holder
Janet Yont
Sound Effects
Gladys Kay
Stage Crew
Helen Kent
Richard Stubblebine
Susan Renhult
Charles Farnsworth
Richard Freniere
Derek Till
Stephen Till
Pat Sturgis
Donna Sorrentino
Joan M. Bartlett
William Riley
Laurence Murray
Nancy Colbert
Gail Novotny
Linda Parsons
Patricia Butcher
Dorrie Bean
Mary Tomlinson
Lydia Smith
Nancy Baldwin

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