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51st Season
April 1971

Directed by
Mieque Weinstein
Jo-Ann Ehrenfried
Produced by
Joanne Hines

The Company wishes to express its appreciateion to everyone who made this production possible, especially --- Johann Strauss, Rudolf Friml and Victor Herbert; not to mention Sigmond Romberg, Gilbert & Sullivan, and many many more!



The Cast
Barbara Murphy
Nancy Twinkle
Marge Haworth
Madame Ernestine
Joan Wood
Captain Jim
Jim MacLean
Corporal Billy
Malcolm Ticknor
General Oscar Fairfax
Tom Ruggles
Chief Brown Bear
Wayne Diehl
Yellow Feather
Steve Robertson
Fleet Foot
Steve Carlebach


Henrietta Elaine Gaspari   Pete Roy Raja
Millicent Cathy Mann   Jack Ray Buchan
Lillian M.A. Bramhall   Tom Bruce Long
Maude Susan MacClellan   Chuck John Whitman
Gwendolyn Susan Fawcett   Hank Ted Osborne
Mabel Karen Innis   Buster Fletcher Hazelton
Cora Virginia Manzer   Slim Chip Morse
Blanche Pat Beede   Joe John Hutchins
Laura Anne Wanzer   Tex Dave Niles


Musical Numbers


ACT I - A Summer Afternoon
Scene 1. Outside the Colorado Inn
The Forest Ranger
Little Mary Sunshine
Look For a Sky of Blue
Scene 2. The Garden
You're the Fairest Flower
In Izzenschnooken on the Lovely Essenzook Zee
Scene 3. Outside the Inn
Playing Croquet
How Do You Do
Scene 4. The Garden
Tell A Handsome Stranger
Once In A Blue Moon
Scene 5. Outside the Inn
Colorado Love Call
What Has Happened


ACT II - that summer evening

Scene 1. Outside the Inn
Such A Merry Party
Say Uncle
Scene 2. Point Look-Out
Scene 3. Outside Brown Bear's Teepee
Me Heap Big Injun
Scene 4. Cora's Bedroom
Naughty, Naughty, Naughty
Mata Hari
Scene 5. The Garden
Do You Ever Dream of Vienna
Scene 6. Point Lookout
Scene 7. Outside the Inn
Coo Coo
Sky of Blue
Finale Ultime

TIME: Early in this century
PLACE: The Colorado Inn, hight in the Rocky Mountains

The Production Crew
Stage Manager
Bill Maxwell
Set design
Stephen Bastide
Light design
John Fishback
Reheasal pianist
Doffie Barstow
Assist to Director
Peggy Armstrong
Ann Lummus
Laura Muggleston
Choral director
Tom Ruggles
Jo Sosman
Chris VanGaasbeek
set construction
Perry Boyden
Set painting
Nancy Duncan
Heddie Kent
Bill Smith
Betsy Wilson



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