Joan of Lorraine


Maxwell Anderson


April 1954
and July, 1954 at Deertrees Theatre, Maine

Directed by
Caroline W. Farnsworth
assisted by

Helen Mears

produced by
John M. Goddard


The Cast
(Jimmey) MASTERS, the director (The Inquisitor)
John W. Putnam
AL, the stage Manager
Leonard T. Weidner
TESSIE,the assist St Mgr (Aurore)
Persis McMillen
MARIE, the costumer
Jane Wilson
GARDER (Bertrand de Poulengy)
G. Clayton Greene


Haward S. Houghton
ABBEY (Jacques d'Arc) (Cauchon, Bishop of Beauvais)
Raymond P. Baldwin
CHARLES ELLING (Durand Laxart)
Nancy Baldwin
DOLLNER (Pierre d'Arc)
John C. Macone, Jr
JO CORDWELL (Jean d'Arc)
QUIRKE (St Michael) (D'Estivet)
MISS REEVES (St. Catherine)
MISS SADLER (St. Margaret)
FARWELL (Jean de Metz) (Executioner
Currier Smith
NOBEL (La Hire)
Gilbert M. Roddy
SHEPPARD (Alain Chartier)
Alexander Ellis, Jr.
LES WARD (The Dauphin)
William T. Wyman
JEFFSON (Georges de Tremoille)
Barry Colt
KIPNER (Thomas de Courcelles)
Kenneth D. Robertson, Jr.
LONG (Dunois, Bastard of Orleans)
Richard F. Wood
CHAMPLAIN (Father Massieu)
Brandoch Lovely
SMITH (Thomas de Courcelles)
Samuel Hazard


The Crew
Stage Manager
Richard C. Metcalf
Set Design
Barbara Bergemann
Assist Set Design
Elizabeth Morrison
Set Dresser
Ellise Newman
Donna Whitney
Book Holder
Call Boy
Lighting design
Hayward Houghton
Costume design
Doris S. Hoar
Patricia Frankenberg