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48th Season 1967

directed by
George Bolton

produced by
Dorrie Bean


The Cast
Betty Parris
Jessica Burri
Rev. Samuel Parris
Abigail Williams
Gretchen Buntschuh
Susanna Wallcott
Alison Till
Mrs. Ann Putnam
Thomas Putnam
Mercy Lewis
Jean Aldrich
Mary Warren
Fran Rodgers
John Proctor
Bud Spound
Rebecca Nurse
Nancy Baldwin
Giles Corey
Dick Frenière
Rev. John Hale
Elizabeth Proctor
Francis Nurse
Edward K. True
Exekiel Cheever
W.R. Buchan
John Willard
Eric Sosman
Judge Hathorne
Ron Wiseman
Deputy-Governor Danforth
Curtis Billings


Synopsis of Scenes

Act I - Scene 1: A bedroom in Reverend Samuel Parris' house, Salem, Massachusetts, in the spring of the year 1692
Act I - Scene 2: The common room of Proctor's house, eight days later.
Act II - Scene 1: Five weeks later. A wood
Act II- Scene 2 The vestry of the Salem Meeting House, two weeks later.
Act II - Scene 1 A cell in Salem jail, three months later.


Production Staff
Stage Manager
Production Manager
Costume Designer
Marilyn McMullen
Assist Stage Manager
Don James
Rehearsal secretary
Jane Biscoe
Betty Jellis
Costume coordinator
Jackie Payne
Fabric selector
Joan Reynolds
Pattern Creator
Set Construction
Props and set dressing
Jean Travers
Bill Riley

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