Oklahoma!  Okay!

Rehearsal Pictures

  Ado Annie cain't say no! Kirsten Gould
  Set construction
  The Music
  The People
  The Action
  The Ballet director: Kirsten Gould

Early rehearsals:


4 Singers
Bill and Amanda Reed
Paul Murphy Mary Sweeny Jim McLaeer, Susan Rood
Bill & Amanda Reed
A Chorus Line   Ado Annie and Dave Scott
Dave Scott & Lisa Stanton


Cowman and Friend
Learning the 2 step
Susan Rood

Salome Lindner & Bill Gallagher


Susan Rood


John Lang and Lisa Morgan
Laurie and Curley
Laughs in rehearsal
John Lang and Lisa Morgan
Paul Murphey & Mary Sweeny
Kate Beattie and Jim Curley
You're Doing Fine, Oklahoma!  
Oklahoma, Okay!
  Oklahoma... YOW!