The Concord Players present William Shakespeare's

Julius Caesar

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Photos: Chris Pollari

Directed by Nicholas Meunier

To be performed on the lawn in front of the Concord MA Main Library
Saturdays and Sundays at 5:00 PM,
July 28-29, August 4-5, 2018
**News update for Saturday, August 4:
our 5PM performance will be indoors, at 51 Walden**

With an evening performance at 51 Walden
Friday, August 3, at 7:30PM

Free Admission!

For library lawn performances:
A limited number of chairs and open space will be available, but bring a lawn chair for guaranteed seating and comfort. If you like, bring a snack or beverage.
(alcoholic beverages are not permitted)
(In case of inclement weather, we'll move our show to 51 Walden.)

For 51 Walden performances:
Chairs are provided (no snacks or beverages in the hall).
A talkback will be held after the show.
**Please note that parts of the lobby (including the handicapped-accessible restroom)
will be under construction, to upgrade our facilities in accordance with the Access 51 program.

This year we present Julius Caesar (condensed), Shakespeare's timeless and timely take on the nature of leadership, loyalty, and the power of persuasion.

Presented in the classic Roman setting, with some nods to the present as Shakespeare likely intended, our production embraces the ambiguity of right and wrong that has always followed this play. More oratory than poetry, the play openly asks, and leaves the audience to answer:  is Caesar rightly assassinated by freedom fighters or overthrown by a short-sighted mob? Does Antony justifiably seek revenge and justice for Rome after the assassination or is he motivated by his own opportunity for power?

As every summer, our production also emphasizes the "troupe" aspect of our performance. With minimal set and props, we strive for storytelling through voice and performance, with quick and effective doubling of parts and each actor joining the mob audience to watch the events unfold when they are not on stage. Come join what we hope will be an engaging and memorable experience.


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Cast & Crew

Andrew HarringtonCaesar
Arthur Barlas

Andrew Harrington
Mike Haddad

Andrew Harrington

Nicholas Meunier


Wendy LindenCasca
Savanah Carlson

Ed Bernard

John LindenDecius/Calpurnia
Shelly Truax

John LindenPortia/Cimber
Kathleen O'Connor


John LindenTrebonius
Tofer Carlson

Flavius / Cicero /
Mike Lague

John Linden
Cinna the po
Mark Prokes

Gianna DiReda


Jasmine Hall

Nicholas Meunier

Stage Manager/
Tom Sikina

Mike Lague


Graphic Design
Lexi Meunier

Fight Consultant
Chris Cardoni