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Left to right: Kirsten Gould (center) Kate Beattie, Gail McKennitt, Sharon Sosny, Claudia Everest, Norma O'Brien, and Susan Ellsworth
Sharon Sosny, Norma O'Brien, Gail McKennitt, Kirsten Gould, Claudia Everest, Kate Beattie, Susan Ellsworth
Marvin Antonoff, John Hutchins, Gary Slickman, Tom Ruggles, Jack Sweet (kneeling), Billy Brown (crouching to Jack's left in white hat), Phil Knight (cop to Billy's left), Ray Van Vorse (just in front of Billy's left elbow, kneeling), Cam Leger (in white suit and black fedora), Jacque Smith (in light brown fedora pushed back on head crouching lower than anyone), Charles Loring
Kirsten Guold, Tom Ruggles
full cast
Charles Brown, Gary Slickman, Marvin Antonoff, Phil Knight, John McAuliffe, Jacque Smith, Ray Van Vorse, Cam Leger, Jack Sweet, Tom Ruggles. Guys in front with legs extended: Billy Brown, Charles Loring

"So Sue Me, sue me, shoot bullets through me"

Kirsten Gould, Tom Ruggles

John McAuliffe, Maura Driscoll
Tom Ruggles, Billy Brown, Jack Sweet (kneeling), Jacque Smith (kneeling)
Sharon and Rick Sosny
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