Arms and the Man

Performance Pictures

Captain Bluntschli, (John McAuliffe) a mercenary soldier in the Serb army, escapes from the Bulgarians by climbing to the balcony and then slipping into the bedroom of the Bulgarian lady Raina (Carol Anderson).

Six panels in the Act I bedroom set are replaced with panels for the courtyard in Act II panels were also changed for the Act III drawing room. Exceptionally beautiful design with authentic Bulgarian details by Ron Placzek.


Major (Donald MacMaster) and Mrs.Catherine Petkoff (Betsy Connolly) at breakfast on the morning of his return from war with Serbia.

Raina and Sergius, her hero, until she finds out he thinks he conquered a regiment, which, in fact, had no ammunition.


Bluntschli returns with Petkoff's coat, loaned to him by the Petkoff ladies as a disguise. Catherine must convince him to leave before her husband finds out.


The servant Nicola (Bill Fallon), once betrothed to the flirtatious maid Louka (Jodi Lauer), finds he's been cut out by Sergius, the 'Hero", supposedly engaged to Raina.  

John McAuliffe as Captain Bluntschli, the pragmatic "soldier for hire."


  Raina has dubbed Captain Bluntschli the "Chocolate Cream Soldier" because he carries chocolates for survival instead of ammunition.


The sets of lovers are at last sorted out.



The curtain call to the tune of "Light Cavalry Overture."


The cast