The Concord Players Announce

Mr. Roberts

Director: Nancy Curran Willis
Music Director: Don Boroson
Choreographer: Jennifer Condon

Thank you for auditioning for the Concord Players' production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Congratulations to those listed below, in the cast and choir.  We had over 100 people come and try out and as much as we would loved to have put everyone who auditioned into the show, it's simply not possible.  We hope you'll come back to tryout again for one of our shows.

We are still looking for a few good men for the Choir.  Interested?  Know someone who might be? Click here for more information.


Daniel Monopoli Quasimodo
Monica Wright Esmeralda
Athan Mantalos Frollo
Brian Vaughn-Martel Phoebus
David Rodrigues Clopin
Jim Pugh Fr. Dupin/Ensemble
Steven Souto Jehan/Ensemble
Melissa Bisso Florika/Gypsy Dancer/Ensemble
Robert Williams Frederick/Ensemble
Lonnie Powell St. Aphrodisius/Statue
Tessa Newell Gypsy Dancer/Ensemble
Michaela Lonati Gypsy Dancer/Ensemble
Nicole O'Keeffe Gypsy Dancer/Ensemble
Tony Guerra Gypsy Dancer/Ensemble
Crisanto Guadiz Gypsy Dancer/Ensemble
Connell Benn Gargoyle/Ensemble
Cathy Merlo Gargoyle/Ensemble
Pam Sontag Gargoyle/Ensemble
Paul Spanagel King Louis/Ensemble
Jeff Dodd Soldier/Clerk/Ensemble
Wesley Young Soldier/Ensemble
Amy DeMarco Madam/Ensemble
Ashleigh Vittum Ensemble
Sarah Vincelett Dredge Ensemble
Elliot Raff Ensemble


Lucy Arrigo Allyson Lynch
Cal Atkinson Kimberly McClure
Beth Nolan Conners Marian Morrison
Jim Curly Jen Ryan Gelzleichter
Robert Forgione Jon Saul
Randy Glidden Samantha Sickorez
Betsy Holbrook Maria Sundquist
Craig Howard Rand Sutton
Jim Jordan