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Noises Off

The characters of Noises Off:

*Lloyd Dallas: The director of a play-within-the-play, Nothing On. Temperamental, exacting and sarcastic. Involved with both Brooke and Poppy.

*Dotty Otley (Mrs. Clackett): A middle-aged television star who is not only the top-billed star but also one of the play's principal investors. Dating the much younger Garry.

*Garry Lejeune (Roger Tramplemain): The play's leading man, a solid actor who is completely incapable of finishing a sentence unless it is dialogue. Constantly stutters and ends sentences with "you know..." Dating Dotty and prone to jealousy.

*Brooke Ashton (Vicki): A young, inexperienced actress from London. She pays no attention to others, either in performance or backstage, and persists in her role as scripted regardless of any interruption or mayhem. She is always losing her contact lenses, which she is blind without. Part of the Lloyd–Poppy–Brooke love triangle.

*Frederick (Freddie) Fellowes (Philip Brent/ Sheikh): Has a serious fear of violence and blood, both of which give him nosebleeds. Well-meaning, but lacks confidence and is rather dim-witted.

* Belinda Blair (Flavia Brent): Cheerful and sensible, a reliable actress and the company's defacto peacemaker. Something of a gossip, and a bit two-faced. Has a rather protective attitude towards Freddie.

* Selsdon Mowbray (Burglar): An elderly, half-deaf "pro" with a long, storied career and a drinking problem. If he is not in sight while rehearsing, the stage crew must find him before he finds anything alcoholic.

* Poppy Norton-Taylor: Assistant Stage Manager and understudy to the female roles. Emotional, skittish and over-sensitive. Part of the Lloyd-Poppy-Brooke love triangle and, by act two, pregnant with Lloyd's baby.

* Tim Allgood: The over-worked and easily flustered Stage Manager, who must understudy, fix the set and run Lloyd's errands on top of his usual duties.


Characters of Nothing On, the play within a play:

*Mrs. Clackett (Dotty): The cockney housekeeper for the Brents' home. A hospitable, though slow-witted and slow-moving, chatterbox.

* Roger Tramplemain (Garry): An estate agent looking to let Flavia's and Philip's house.

*Vicki (Brooke): A girl Roger is attempting to seduce (or perhaps a girl trying to seduce Roger). Works for the tax authorities.

*Philip Brent (Freddie): Lives out of the country with his wife Flavia to avoid paying taxes and is on a secret visit.

* Flavia Brent (Belinda): Philip Brent's wife. She is dependable, though not one for household duties.

* Burglar (Selsdon): An old man in his seventies, breaking into the Brents' house.

* Sheikh (Freddie): Interested in renting the house.

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