The Concord Players Announce Callbacks for

Mr. Roberts

Director: Nancy Curran Willis
Music Director: Don Boroson
Choreographer: Jennifer Condon

Callbacks are for dance/movement, and for speaking roles. A reminder that there are still Ensemble roles not reflected here. The final cast list will be posted early next week.

The following two lists are each in alphabetical order. We look forward to seeing you all this Sunday, December 3, at 7pm, at 51 Walden St.

The following are called back for speaking as well as dance/movement.
Please bring dance or soft-soled shoes and wear movement-friendly clothes.
Ladies bring Flowy skirts if they have them.

Connell Benn
Melissa Bisso
Ethan Butler
Samantha Casale
Paul Conway
Graham Daley
Jessica Dee
Jeff Dodd
Chris Doucette
Sevan Dulgarian
Mark Estano
Jamie Shannon Ferguson
Jenni Goodman
Crisanto Guadiz
Tony Guerra
Ryanne Hammerl
Rebecca Kurisko
Michaela Lonati
Justin McCoubry
Tim McShea
Cathy Merlo
Daniel Monopoli
Tessa Newell
Nicole O'Keeffe
Elliot Raff
David Rodrigues
Rebecca Shor
Pam Sontag
Steven Souto
Paul Spanagel
Sarah Vincelett
Robert Williams
Monica Wright
Wesley Young

Speaking only roles called back.

Justin Budinoff
Tom Frates
Curtis Goodman
John Gorgone
Chuck Holleman
Craig Howard
Athan Mantalos
Lonnie Powell
Jim Pugh
Nate Ramsayer
Brian Vaughn-Martel