The Concord Players Announce Auditions for

Mr. Roberts

by Neil Simon

Directed by Lisa Astbury

Neil Simon's Barefoot in the Park is a romantic comedy focusing on a pair of newlyweds, Corie and Paul, as they begin married life in a tiny, 5th-floor walkup apartment in a Manhattan brownstone. Paul is a straitlaced attorney; Corie has a far more spontaneous, free spirit. As the young couple contend with a lack of heat, a skylight that leaks snow, several long flights of stairs, oddball neighbor Victor Velasco, and Corie's well-meaning mother, they must also reconcile their own personal differences in how they approach life's challenges. Adjusting to married life isn't so easy!

Auditions for Barefoot in the Park will be held on Wednesday, November 13 from 7-10pm, and Thursday, November 14 from 7-10pm, at 51 Walden St, Concord MA.

Callbacks will be held on Sunday, November 17 starting at 7pm, at 51 Walden St.

Rehearsals will be Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings (starting at 7pm) at 51 Walden St, Concord, beginning on December 1, 2019.

Performances will be Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm: February 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 2020; with a matinee at 2pm: Sunday, February 16, 2020.

We will have actors perform scenes from the play chosen by the director.  Be prepared to have fun!

Auditions are by appointment only: to reserve a time, please use our SignupGenius form by clicking this button:

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Please fill in this audition form (also available via the SignUpGenius form) before arriving at the auditions.

If all slots are filled, or if you have a conflict with the audition dates, or if you have any questions, send an email to the staff at

There are roles for 2 women and 4 men.  Please see character descriptions below.

Character Descriptions

Corie Bratter: (female, mid 20's to early 30's; youthful in appearance)
A free-thinking young woman who has just married Paul Bratter. Her main objective is having new adventures, and she isn't very practical.
She is young, pretty, and full of enthusiasm for the future. Impulsive and fun-loving, she considers herself a doer, not a watcher. Her impetuosity is not shared, at first, by her mother or husband, but Corie eventually learns to appreciate dependability and quiet strength.

Paul Bratter: (mid 20's to early 30's; youthful in appearance)
A young, handsome, new and upcoming lawyer who has married his opposite personality, Corie. Paul relies on practicality and walks on the straight and narrow path of life. He does not like their uncomfortable, small apartment in a bohemian section of New York City and would prefer a more staid lifestyle than his wife.

Ethel Banks: (female, 50's to 60's)
Corie's widowed mother. Refined and elegant, yet living a placid life in New Jersey, Ethel's focus has been on her daughter and now is an empty nester. She dotes on Corie yet does not relate to Corie's eccentric personality. A great role both in comedic timing and physical humor.

Victor Velasco: (male, 50's to 60's)
Corie and Paul's eccentric, womanizing neighbor who is a gourmet cook and who shares Corie's sense of fun and adventure. A middle-aged man, he lives in the attic above Corie and Paul's small apartment.

Telephone repairman: (male, 30's to 50's)
He goes up, huffing and puffing, to Corie and Paul's new apartment in an attempt to fix the phone, and he witnesses their marital discord and even offers some funny yet sincere words of wisdom.

Delivery man: (male, 40's to 60's)
Non-verbal role, other than gasping for breath after climbing 5 flights, this character may have a brief scene yet is physically hilarious.