The Concord Players Announce Auditions for

Mr. Roberts

by Tom Stoppard

Directed by Doug Sanders

Arcadia is one of Tom Stoppard's true masterworks.  It is a play with many layers (as with all of his great plays) filled with wonderful, smart dialog and passionate characters -- many of whom are quite intelligent, some of whom make fools of themselves either through hubris or their primal desires.  The play ping-pongs between two time periods in the same country home in the English midlands: during the early 1800's, a young tutor and his charge discuss mathematics and poetry; during modern times, two academics visit the house to study the events that occurred in the 19th century -- one looking at the garden, another at a tenuous connection with Lord Byron.  There are discussions about advanced ideas in physics and math, there are sexual attractions and indiscretions being played out.  It gets to be a bit chaotic in the end, but that’s part of the point.  The characters are distinct and rich, each one adding to the mix of the plot.  All characters have British accents.

Auditions for Arcadia will be held on Sunday, August 26 from
7-10 pm
, and Wednesday, August 29 from 7-10 pm, at 51 Walden St, Concord MA.

Callbacks are scheduled for Thursday, August 30 starting at 7pm, at 51 Walden St.

Rehearsals will be Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 51 Walden St, Concord, starting September 5. There may be a few additional rehearsals on Mondays and Fridays in September/October.

Performances will be Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm: November 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 2018; with a matinee at 2pm on Sunday, November 11, 2018.

Auditioners have the choice of bringing a prepared comedic monologue (1-2 minutes in length) or reading sides from the script.

Auditions are by appointment only: to reserve a time, please use our SignupGenius form by clicking this button:

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If all slots are filled, or if you have questions, send an email to

Please fill out and print this audition form and calendar conflict sheet and bring them to the audition.


There are roles for 4 women and 8 men.  Please see character descriptions below.

Character Descriptions

All ages are approximate, though relationships need to be believable. 

Nineteenth Century:

Thomasina Coverley –The smartest person in the room, at nearly 14 years old (and then, later, 17), she has a voracious intellect and yet also has an aspect of innocence to her.  She is the oldest daughter of the house; thoughtful, aware, warm, lovely (without knowing it), and is “outside of time” (she makes sense in any time period).

Note: the actor who plays this role does NOT have to be a teen-ager, we are looking for someone who can play “young”, but we are also mostly looking for someone who can convey the intelligence, curiosity and range of playfulness in Thomasina.

Lady Croom – Thomasina’s mother.  Lady Croom is sharp, but not well-rounded educationally.  She is strong-willed, stylish, attractive, and is the center of the room when she’s in it.  Mid-to-late 30s.

Septimus Hodge – Thomasina’s tutor.  He is a reasonable young man, in his 20s, with a good head on his shoulders, well-educated, a good & caring teacher to Thomasina, and a bit liberal with his affections.  He is witty, attractive & willing to press his advantage in various situations.

Jellaby – Butler for the Coverly home, Sidley Park.  He is officious, succinct and aware.  No age requirement, although he needs to have been the butler here for some years.

Ezra Chater – A self-styled poet and lover; not a great one at either.  He’s passionate, but unfortunately he’s also a fool.  He is easily manipulated by others.  His wife has been carrying on behind his back for many years.  Can be young-30s to young-40s.

Richard Noakes – The landscape designer.  He likens himself to being a prophet of the “new aesthetic” that leans towards the gothic.  He is a bit of a sycophant, but he’s an able craftsman & a likable gentleman. Age range: 30-50.

Captain Brice, RN – Brother of Lady Croom.  He is a solid military man, who happens to be one of Chater’s wife’s lovers.  It is under his auspices that the Chaters have been invited to Sidley Park.  He is noble, loyal and ambitious. Age range: 30-50.

Augustus Coverly – Thomasina’s brother, fifteen.  He is growing into the role of “man of the house” to take after his father.  He is sure of himself, and full of himself, and as is often the case with teen-agers, has very little patience with adults.

Modern Times:

Hannah Jarvis – An academic, studying the garden history of Sidley Park.  She is sharp and serious, and a good researcher.  She doesn’t have a large sense of humor, but she would not be considered humorless.  She has a good moral compass and good instincts.  She has already written a best-selling book, so she needs to be old enough for that to make sense. Age range: 30s-40s.

Chloe Coverly – Young lady of the house.  Can be late teens or early 20s, she has a crush on Bernard.  She is thoughtful, but not in an academic way.  She is personable and open to new people and experiences.

Bernard Nightingale – An academic, probably in his thirties.  He is in the early “still proving himself” stage of his career, and is therefore a bit too gung-ho.  He has his hypotheses, and will find the nuggets of information that will help prove him right.  He’s clever and personable, but not the best with people, occasionally saying the wrong thing.

Valentine Coverly – Young man of the house.  A scientist himself, he is working on a problem that becomes relevant to the story.  He is able to explain complex ideas well.  He has a small crush on Hannah, but assumes that nothing will come of it. Age range: 20s-30s.
Gus Coverly – Youngest of the modern Coverly children.  He is very emotional and curious, although for some reason does not talk.  He has a big crush on Hannah.  He is fifteen, and is played by the same actor that plays Augustus.