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June 1, 2006




Again, a very lively and productive meeting of the board took place at 51 Walden St. in the bombed-out Green Room. We were acutely aware of the progress being made on the renovation!

With such a full agenda, it was a challenge to appoint “first priorities”. After such a busy season, there were reports from the producers of both Spitfire Grill and Cinderella to be presented. There was more talk about the renovation progress. There were questions about ticket prices.

Well, folks, we had a great season! Kudos to everyone involved in the productions, as they all did very well indeed! Of course, we had anticipated that the all-time-fave Cinderella would be a winner, but our other shows did very well also. Looks like the play reading committee did a fine job in presenting some fine choices for our selection.

Financially, we took in a whole lot more money than we paid out, so that’s the good news. On that vein, regarding the renovation, it was deemed necessary that the board vote consent to spend down all our treasure in the event it is needed to complete the stage renovation. The motion was carried by a vote of 10-0. (the board had voted earlier to approve going ahead with the renovation: this vote was to guarantee board approval should we need to spend monies from the general fund).

It’s time for the season membership and subscription brochures to be mailed out, and with that in mind, we needed to assure that the information therein is correct. Will the ticket prices remain the same? Should we offer an option regarding extra donations – that they go to the renovation fund rather than the general fund? We considered both questions and agreed (9-1 and 12-0 respectively) that we keep ticket prices as they are, and not to offer an option re the extra donations.

Dan Broggi, our Captain Marvel Architect, reported that a contractor has been secured, and his bid is directly within our target. He is aware, as were all contractors, of the extreme importance of finishing work (at least on the stage area) in time for the opening of All My Sons. Dan also assured us that he remains available to answer any questions or concerns, and offered an invitation for those interested to come and observe any of the crew meetings, held in the early morning.

Pamela Sturgis asked that we all patronize the merchants who so faithfully advertise in our programs. Moreover, that when we do patronize their establishments, we mention the fact that we are grateful for their support. Everybody likes to be ackowledged!

David Atwood has again stepped up to the plate and has volunteered to keep a running “operations review” via email to keep us apprised of the construction progress. Dan noted that this is no small task and thanked David sincerely. We do too, David.

And speaking of Kudos – it came and went so fast that we hardly noticed in all the activity, but this meeting marked the last in office for most of our board. We sincerely thank those members who have served so diligently and so well over the past year(s), and wish Judith Broggi, Pamela Sturgis, and Chuck Schwager a “happy retirement!” We will miss you on the board and hope that we will still hear from you with your always relevant and inspired input. Many, many thanks.

Questions? Comments? Issues you’d like the board to address?

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