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May 1, 2006




President-elect David Gould was present to listen and learn. He introduced his Vice Presidents, Ellie Hutchins and Bill Maxwell, and added, “We are a team.”

Patricia Till, who will be directing the comedy Lend Me A Tenor in February, 2007, was on hand to offer some of her ideas. Chock-a-block with disguises, mistaken identities, and six - count ‘em - six doors, the show unfolds - or unravels - when international opera star “Il Stupendo” is mistaken for dead, and his assistant is persuaded to put on his costume and play “Otello” in his place. Unlike most operas, Lend Me A Tenor has a most happy ending. Get ready for a breakneck farce, guaranteed to send the audience home humming. If you’d like to be part of the producing team, contact Judith Broggi at

Renovations Update: At the Town Meeting on Thursday, April 25, our request for a $60k matching grant was voted on and approved!

A Poker Night Fundraiser will be held on Sunday, May 21. Play begins at 6 PM sharp. There’ll be a cash bar and a free buffet. Pre-register at our web site today! If you’d like to be a dealer, contact Jay Newlon at (781) 890-0500, ex105.

* * *

Speaking of renovations, we’re looking to clean out the green room on Saturday, May 13. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it. The more the merrier, and the quicker it’ll get done. Contact David Atwood at for the particulars.

The producers for the Fall Production of All My Sons are looking for volunteers in all categories - publicity, make-up, hair, costumes, props, and construction.  E-mail Mario Salinas at , and get on board for this powerful and pertinent drama.
The All My Sons team is also looking for an alternate facility, such as a garage or a basement, in order to build the set.  This is a contingency plan should the renovations take longer than expected and impact on our workshop.

Chuck Schwager is appearing in “Soon,” by William Donnelly, as part of the Dragonfly Festival, a potpourri of short plays at the Devanaughn Theatre in Boston. It runs May 4th – May 6th at 8PM and May 7th at 3 PM. Tickets are available from or by calling (866) 811 - 4111.

* * *

“Live an invent. I have tried. I must have tried. Invent. That is not the word. Neither is live. No matter. I have tried.”

“Well, we must just accept ourselves as we are. And above all not fret, these are trifles. Let us think of the hours when, spent, we lie twined together in the dark, our hearts labouring as one, and listen to the wind saying what it is to be abroad, at night, in winter, and what it is to have been what we have been, and sink together, in an unhappiness that has no name. That is how we must look at things. So courage, my sweet.”

- Samuel Beckett
On the centenary of his birth

* * *


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