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July 2003


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WAS THAT THE BEST FROLIC??? Heddie Kent as mistress of the ceremonies, Artty Kinsman and a bewigged Frank Gill among the dancers, wonderful lyrics by Lori Livermore, Charlotte Kelley and Heddie, to say nothing of those fans……….great stuff! Heartiest thanks to all who took part, and to Rik Pierce and Leslie Wagner who coordinated it all.

Tillie Sweet tells us about a group of Concordians over 60 who read and perform plays (scripts in hand.) The Senior Drama Society, under the auspices of the Concord Council on Aging, meets once a week, September to May, and performs for church groups, women’s clubs, and the like. Current members, about eleven of them, include Tillie, Bob Carter, Ray Johnson, Marge Stetson, Betty Damon, Mike and Natalie Fitzmorris. You can reach Tillie at tillies@earthlink.net.

Have you a business you’d like to advertise in our next season’s program? The rates are very reasonable and you reach an eager and receptive audience. Phone Pamela Sturgis pamelasteve@msn.com for information.

Winner of the best actress award at EMACT this year was our own Sheryl Peters, in a one-act play called The Way to Miami, put on by the Burlington Players. Said Sheryl, about her character: “Leola (about to retire to Florida with her husband) can’t quite bring herself to leave the place where she raised her children. This little play covers a wide range of feelings, from light comedy to pretty deep emotion in about 24 pages. I went into the project thinking what a great acting exercise it would be!” Congratulations!

Dick Levinson had the opportunity to reprise his role as Frank Gianelli in Over the River and Through the Woods, with the Arlington Friends of the Drama.

Kerry Clarke, Caitlin in Over the River…., will play Sorel Bliss in the Sudbury Savoyard’s production of Noel Coward’s Hay Fever. Dates are July 11-26.

For an opportunity to see your Players friends on film, do come to 51 Walden on Saturday evening, July 12, at 9 p.m., for a showing of clips from Thoreau - a Re-creation, plus a discussion with director Charles Cook. Fritz Kussin as James Russell Lowell, Bob Asher as Emerson, plus Lida McGirr, Patricia Till, Dorothy Schecter, Kate Clarke, Anna Winter, Jackson Royal, Bill Maxwell, Lis Adams, Jan Turnquist, Mike Lydon¸ David Gould, Katie Blair, David Bearg, James Sullivan, and Belle McDonald all had parts. And there will be birthday cake, provided by the production team of Claiborne Dawes, Peggy Elliott, and Sally Bull, to celebrate Henry’s 186th.

What are you up to this summer, of a dramatic nature?? Next newsletter deadline is Wednesday, July 16th. You’re on!

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