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June 2003


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A SHORT NEWSLETTER THIS TIME; everyone – and I do mean everyone – is still recovering from our incredible production of Chicago. And the sun is warm, and summer is almost here…..

And so is our annual Spring Frolic. On Sunday, June 8th, to be exact, at 7:17 p.m., at 51 Walden. As always, the technical types – lighting folks, props people, producers, etc. – will put on a spoof of our season’s shows, so look for ladies with fans, and something about a Good Seed. You get the idea. There will be Heddie and Sally’s strawberry shortcake, too. Be sure to come.

Filming of Thoreau – a Recreation ended last week, with Bob Asher, an imposing Emerson, giving the eulogy for his friend in the pulpit of our First Parish Church, Patricia Till as Henry’s aunt, Dorothy Schecter as Boston Brahmin Edna Littlehale, and Kate Clarke a charming Ellen Sewell, plus David Gould, David Bearg, and lots more. Come to 51 Walden on Saturday, July 12th at 9 p.m. to celebrate Thoreau’s birthday with cake and a 45-minute cutting from the film.
Editorial apologies, to Marilyn Zavidow, for misspelling her name last month!
And just a few news snippets: Jackson Royal took part in the The Theater at Old South’s May production of A Walk in the Woods by Lee Blessing…….Terry Coe’s Celtic harp CD is now on sale at The Concord Cheese/Pot Shop on Walden Street…….and Thomas Caron’s production of Cocteau’s The Infernal Machine will run from June 6th until the 22nd in Chamberlin Park on Lowell Road (50’ west of Monument Square), with evening performances on Friday and Saturdays at 6 p.m. and matinees Saturdays at 2, Sundays at 4 p.m. Players involved include Deron Cluff, Lida McGirr, Myron Feld, Mike Feld, and Robert Runck. Further info., call 978 318 7979. Admission is free bring a picnic, if you like.
That’s it. More next time. I hope. Send news to cwdolphin@aol.com or phone 978 369-5899. Deadline will be Wednesday, June 18th. We want to know what you’re up to, want to be there when you do it. So write.
Best to all. Happy June.
Claiborne Dawes