Michael McGarty

Michael is happy to be back directing a show for The Concord Players after his debut here with Dirty Rotten Scoundrels in 2011. He has been active in community, regional, professional and high school theaters in the New York/New England area for over 45 years. He served as the Harvard Community Theater’s Artistic Director since its inception in 1990, directing over 100 plays including four New England premieres of New York composer Jenny Giering’s work: Show, Crossing Brooklyn, Still Life and The Mistress Cycle.

He was named Best Director at the 2012 EMACT festival for Crossing Brooklyn, and for both the latter productions at the New England Regional Festivals. In 2002, his production of ‘night Mother won the EMACT Best Production Award. As a lighting designer, Michael has won EMACT’s Best Lighting Design award for HCT’s entries of Crossing Brooklyn, The Mistress Cycle, No Exit, and Morning, Noon and Night in Central Park.

Currently Michael works as the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild. He thanks The Concord Players for the wonderful opportunity to direct The Desk Set with such a talented cast and crew, and, as always, appreciates his wife Maryellen for her continued understanding and patience.


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