The Rivals  

Chris Lockheardt


Chris Lockheardt used to be an actor a long time ago. As a member of the UMass/Amherst Theater Department, he performed in such plays as "Machinal," "Ubu Roi," and "Mirandolina."

But then, try as he might to avoid it, Chris graduated from UMass and was forced to make an honest living. His acting became confined to job interviews and performance reviews.

Along this hard and narrow road, Chris picked up a painfully beautiful wife, an alarmingly cute daughter, and a bad habit of appearing out of nowhere for Concord Players' auditions and then disappearing back into the darkness from whence he came.

Someone at Concord Players obviously became annoyed with this habit and decided to unmask the mysterious stranger by casting him in "The Rivals." Back on stage after a decade's absence, Chris hopes simply to survive the production without knocking over any set pieces or stepping too egregiously on the lines of his fellow cast members.

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