Production pictures

Our Town

Pictures of auditions
  Our Town
Meg Streff - Lillian Anderson
a mother-daughter talk
Meg Streff
Bill Maxwell
"Dr Gibbs"
Joe Johnson - Tom Dichter & Danny Rooney
George's baseball friends
the Gibbs & Webbs
Steve Collins - Len Clark
"Prof Willard"

"That's what it said on the envelope
and the postman brought it just the same"

"You know, pa. I want to be a
farmer on Uncle Lukes farm"
The Gibbs
Lillian Anderson
"Mrs Webb"
Susan Ellsworth
"Mrs Gibbs"
The Choir
In '84 we had a player, Si, even George
Gibbs couldn't a touched him
Look, Father Gibbs is bringing
some of my flowers to you.
"Who is it, Julia?"
"My daughter-in-law, Emily Webb"
The Wedding
Susan Ellsworth - Fritz Kussin
Milk delivery
Rik Pierce
Editor Webb
the cemetary
Stephen Collins
Joe Johnson - Bill Maxwell
Robyn Steriti - Meg Streff - Susan Ellsworth


The Wedding begins
"I don't know why on earth I should be crying!"
"Chear up, Ma. I'm getting married!"
I'm giving my daughter away, George.
Do you think you can take care of her?


Well wishing the newlyweds